CS-AD 106

Operating Systems

Course Info

The course schedule and syllabus can be found on the course website: bit.ly/nyuadOS

Class lectures and assignments will be shared through an NYU google drive folder.

The class group forum and mailing list is nyuados-group@nyu.edu


Many thanks to Professor Kai Li at Princeton, his teaching assistant Yida Wang and his collaborators at the University of Tromso for providing us with their code for our labs.


A condition of using the Princeton code base is not to distribute/share the skeleton code or your solutions. All assignment resources are therefore distributed through NYU Drive. Solutions must be submitted securely.


Week Date Read Monday Read Wednesday Thursday/Saturday
0 25-Jan Overview Lab 0 - Prep Lab;
1 1-Feb The Unix TS Paper; OS Structure; Boot Process SGG Chp 1, 2; SGG Sec 3.1-3.3; Sys Prog Misery Process & Threads Lab 1 - BootLoader
2 8-Feb Birell Threads Paper; SGG Chp 4 Process & Threads; Concurrency Control SGG Chp 5 Concurrency Control Design Review
3 15-Feb SGG Chp 7 Concurrency Control & Deadlocks SGG Chp 6 Process Scheduling Lab 2 - Non-Preemptive Kernel
4 22-Feb SGG Sec 3.4-3.6 Inter-Process Communication SGG Chp 8 Memory Management Design Review
5 1-Mar SGG Chp 9 Memory Management; Paging SGG Chp 9 Caching; Virtual Memory Lab 3 - Preemptive kernel
6 8-Mar SGG Chp 13 IO SGG Chp 13 Device Drivers Design Review
7 15-Mar   Midterm   Spring Break
8 22-Mar Spring Break Spring Break
8 29-Mar SGG Chp 13 File Systems (Interface) SGG Chp 11 File Systems (Implementation) Lab 5 - Virtual Memory
9 5-Apr SGG Chp 12; Log Structured FS File Systems (Log Structured FS) Log Structured FS Design Review
10 12-Apr SGG Chp 17 Networking Distributed Systems
12 19 Apr Virtualization Trail of Bytes (Security + Virtualization) Tasos
13 26-Apr TBD - Paper Presentation Student TBD - Paper Presentation Student  
14 3-May TBD - Paper Presentation Student TBD
15 10-May   Exam Preparation   Final Exam  

Readings for Extra Credit

Paxos Made Simple
Soft updates
To get credit, create and upload to the class, spark notes of the paper to help them understand it easily without spending effort researching base material or reading the actual paper. You must also critique the paper. Each paper you review gives you 5% extra credit points.


Textbook & Recommended books

Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, Operating System Concepts (SGG) Ninth Edition
Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems (MOS) Third Edition
Tanenbaum and Woodhull, OS Design and Implementation, Second Edition

Use of Outside Help

Plagiarism is not acceptable. Solutions must be the individual's or the group's own work. If a solution benefits substaintially from hints or solutions from outside sources, such sources must be fully acknowledged.

Grading - Tentative Distribution

Four - Five Projects: 40 - 50%
Midterm Exam: 15% - 10%
Final Exam (Last Day of Class - In Class): 15% - 10%
Paper Presentations: 10%
Reading & Participation: 10%
Paper Critiques & Reading Write-ups: 10%

Late Assignments

You have 100 hours of lateness forgiveness: use them wisely. No late assignments will be otherwise accepted.

Team Policy

Expect to be paired in groups of 2-3 students