At least 35% of your grade in CS-AD 214 consists of a final project.

This project can either be a piece of independent research or engineering effort related to material we have studied in class or database research in general.

For example, your project may involve a comparison of systems we have read about, an application of database techniques to a problem you are familiar with, etc. Your project cannot be a pure data analytics project that does not advance our data management techniques. Your project must be independent of your senior capstone project.

You can choose one of the project suggestions below, and possibly adapt it. You can work independently or in groups of at most 3 members.


Date Deliverable Description
3 March Project Proposal A 1-page proposal (single spaced, 11pt) with a list of team members, a short description of the project,
a short list of references (at most 5 references from VLDB, PODS, SIGMOD, ICDE, EDBT, InfoVis, etc.) and
a list of tools, systems, databases, etc. you plan to use.
24 March Project Milestone Report Extend your proposal into a 3-4 page report. (Use VLDB tex formatting). Include:
(i) problem description
(ii) solution approach description
(iii) related work. Compare your approach to this work. Related work should cite about 3-5 papers. Don't waste time on an extensive, comprehensive, complete related work section. We care about the novelty of your project and you should learn to place your work in the perspective of prior work. It is okay if related work is somewhat incomplete.
(iv) Accomplishments so far, problems you faced or unexpected findings.
(v) Your action plan for the rest of the semester and an evaluation plan (experiments, user studies, etc.)

This document will eventually become your project report. Start by learning how to write a good research paper.
9 May Project Presentations Each project gets 20 minutes: 15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of Q/A.
Not sure how to give a good research talk?
Read how,
Look at some slides on how,
Watch how
12 May Project Report Extend your milestone report into a 6-7 page report (Use VLDB tex formatting):
(i) improve and expand on all sections from the milestone report
(ii) include an eval section
(iii) write your conclusions

Project Ideas