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To the right is a description of my research interests in as few words as possible. My team's research method is systems-driven: we build interactive systems that embody our research ideas, we evaluate our hypotheses, we then study the limits of our ideas usually from a theoretical perspective. Our research thus combines interface design, systems and theory.

I received my PhD in 2013 from the Yale Computer Science Department (see thesis), where I worked with Avi Silberschatz, Dana Angluin and Joe Hellerstein (at UC Berkeley).

thinking about joining my team at nyuad

We are looking for creative, collaborative and technical researchers to join our team as PhD students, interns (undergrads or grads) or PostDocs. Our positions are competitive, intense and rewarding. Contact me!

Capstone and Student Projects

I encourage NYU undergraduates to read the following project descriptions and contact me if you wish to work with me on these or other projects.

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fall 2016

Operating Systems

spring 2016

Database Systems

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Operating Systems

spring 2015

Operating Systems

fall 2014

Database Systems

current & past collaborators

Alvin Cheung (UofW), Ras Bodik (UofW), Yunyao Li (IBM), Laura Chiticariu (IBM), Joe Hellerstein (UC Berkeley), Jay Chen (NYUAD), Intisar Rabb (NYU), Alexandra Meliou (UMass Amherst), Arnab Nandi (Ohio State), Dennis Shasha (NYU), Dana Angluin (Yale), Avi Silberschatz (Yale), Christos Papadimitriou (UC Berkeley), Daniel Abadi (Yale)